With a growing demand for custom artwork, including trompe l’oeil and murals, Tracy spends considerable time creating unique decorative art for walls, ceilings and furniture or cabinetry.

Tracy Wade Design


Tracy Wade Design
Room design was based on the quilt the client had chosen. Upper wall color and molding details were specified for this room, and all color and design work were applied by Tracy Wade Design.

On-The-Job Training

We also consider applications from novice or intermediate faux finishers who wish to expand their skills, and want to learn from an extremely talented artist.

Tracy Wade Design is a fast-paced company in a highly creative environment. We offer intensive personalized training, exciting projects, and an opportunity to work in a variety of locations.

Are you interested? We look forward to hearing about your qualifications.

Tracy Wade Design
Seattle, Washington

Office: 425-355-5251
Mobile: 206-819-5551
Fax: 425-745-0804

  • Review of Design Priorities
  • Space Planning:
    Based on Lifestyle
  • Color and Texture Analysis
  • Expression of Style
  • Development of Color Scheme
  • Material Selection
  • Professional Resources
  • Budget Management
  • Finishing Accessories
  • Furniture Arrangement

Did You Know?

Tracy Wade Design was featured on the cover of the Winter 2001 issue of The Faux Finisher magazine. Her work has been published in the Seattle Design Resource Guide, and in several issues of Artistic Stenciler magazine.